Working out on a Boat


Working out on a boat isn’t easy! I am lucky enough to live on a catamaran with just enough space for my workouts. I have to move a few things out of the way, but I can find just enough space to do a 21 Day fix workout, or my Body Boss HIIT workout. Both of these programs are high intensity, great calorie burners that require almost no equipment, perfect for me on the boat because space is sometimes limited. A yoga mat is the only special equipment that I use, I find other ‘boathold’ items (like pasta sauce and canned fruit) when I need to have some weight involved.

Yoga is my favorite (and Roxy’s favorite too), and it oddly enough happens on Tuesdays in the Body Boss Method workout program. Since this program doesn’t require any weekend workouts, I also do some extra yoga on the weekends to increase my flexibility. I am certainly far from becoming ‘flexible’ in the true sense of the word, but I really enjoy the full body stretch that it provides. I particularly love the sun salutations; upward and downward dog are two of my favorite stretches! 

All is well that ends with torching calories!

All is well that ends with torching calories!

I started with the Body Boss Method when I returned to the boat after my summer in the states, and am happy to report that I am finished with the 4 weeks of pre-training and it seems to be working! I’ve lost about 4 pounds and I am beginning to learn my way around eating and cooking with superfoods. I’ve currently made quinoa, carrots and apples more prominent features in my diet. And when the vegetable truck her in Luperon had avocado I grab a few and make some fresh guacamole. I never used to like it, but it is slowly becoming one of my favorite superfood snacks. Find my homemade guacamole recipe here.

My new favorite treat; baked apples, was a suggestion from a follower. I was craving sweets one day and this baked apples were one suggestion for how to get the sweet fix, but also stay with the superfoods. Turns out it is sooo amazing when you add a little brown sugar and oats! Stay tuned…….😀

What superfoods do you love? Any good ones or recipes that I may be missing out on?

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