Tongue Out Tuesday

Happy #tongueouttuesday to this fun, energetic, sandy pup. 

She absolutely loves the beach, and especially rolling in the sand. The 15 minute walk to the beach tired her out, hence the tongue, but she is never too tired to play at the beach!

She could probably be a dog model, what do you think? Dog model material?

She is the reason we have decided to partner with Dog is Good to spread the dog love! DIG (Dog Is Good) is a company that not only sells apparel and merchandise for dog lovers, but also gives back to the animals by partnering with local animal shelters.

It’s what we believe, and it’s the message behind all of our products. We know how great you feel when you’re with your dog. We also know the profound, positive influence your dog has on your life. Through our broad array of products, Dog is Good lets you share your love of Dog with others. 

It’s what you know. It’s who you are. 

Dog is Great. Dog is Good. Dog is Everything

You can shop their store through our link and not only will you get cool stuff, but we will also get a commission off of your sales, and your family’s sales, and your friends sales! So feel free to share our link! We love spreading the dog love!

I recently got Matt a shirt from their “Never Alone” collection and it perfectly embodies his dog loving mentality. Check it out: Never Boat Alone…..if there was a perfect item for Matt from Dog is Good this is it! I love the color, he loves the fit and we both LOVE the message. We wouldn’t be where we are without our pup Roxy and she is a crucial member of our sailing family!

So head on over using our link and also enjoy 15% off of your purchase by entering the code DIGPACK at check out!

Happy Dog Loving!

Stacy RiboliniComment