Sunday Funday at Cambiaso Beach


Wine anyone? Doesn’t it look like I’m at a winery?!……… Nope just another day at Cambiaso. 

While we were waiting for our feast to be prepared at the beach, we wandered around in search of a little lagoon (more like a small inlet from the ocean) that was hidden not too far away. To make sure we didn't get lost, Kach conjured the help of an adorable little Dominican Boy to lead the way with the promise of a few Pesos for chocolate when we returned. He was more than happy to lead the way, and show us the hidden treasure. He (and his adult who accompanied him) waited around for us to finish taking in the view and completing a mini photo session. So many cool spots for photos with amazing back drops. 

The little boy was eager to return for his Peso reward, but was quite content with tagging along while we stopped along the beach for more photos; he was even interested in becoming part of our shoot, so of course we taught him how to flaunt it and pose! Too cute and too funny and the 50 pesos put a HUGE smile on his face!

Stacy RiboliniComment