Sunday Feast at Cambiaso

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Sunday........ really was a #funday despite the mediocre weather here in Luperon. It started off rainy and then changed to cloudy and overcast and it bounced back and forth between these two conditions all day long. That didn't stop us from making a trip to the beach though. Our friends Kach and Jon aboard S/V Empress here in the harbor had family that arrived for holiday here in the Dominican Republic, so they had a packed schedule of activities, including a relaxing trip to the beach. I was happy to be invited as I always love the beach and hanging out with good company.

Lunch/ late afternoon dinner was a feast like any other! We had already decided we were going to get lobster if the local fishermen had been out that day, and sure enough they had. We got to hand pick lobsters (we chose the four biggest of course) that would be grilled for us, and we also got an additional three fresh fish. All grilled on an open flame fire, this feast was amazing. It also came with salad, rice and papas (fried plantains)! So much food for 5 people, a true Sunday Feast! Our imaginations were definitely bigger than our stomachs on this one, but somehow we managed to finish every last morsel of lobster and fish!

We also had a great time exploring around the beach and found a very pretty inlet/lagoon with much calmer waters. It was a great spot for a little photo session, so we found some cool spots and and captured some beautiful photos. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s photo session.

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