Sailors Having Fun: A game of Heads Up

High stakes for a game of Heads Up, During our vacation in Samana. One of our favorite night time activities was the popular Iphone game Heads Up. If you have never played heads up before it is a mix of charades and Catch Phrase. One person stands with the iPhone on their forehead while the rest of the team give, or act clues to help them guess the word or phrase on the phone. When you have a large group of people it gets quite comical.

On our last night in the house we decided to up the stakes a bit.....the losing team would have to jump into the pool, fully clothed. We did a blind draw to make three fair/ random teams. After 9 intense rounds of acting, bablling and laughing we had a winner, a runner up, and a loser. 

Matt unfortunately was on the losing team along with Jon from Two Monkeys Sailing - Mr&MrsHowe Blog and Steven from Archipelago Sail, so at around midnight, they had to make the plunge into the rather chilly pool. They were good sports about it and made it a memorable moment. 

The stakes were high for our game of heads up. The losers (Matt, Jon and Steve) had to take a late night dip!

I wasn't on the winning team, but it was a win for me not having to jump into that pool. After the boys took their dip and had changed into dry clothes we had a few more friendly competitions. We played one round as individuals, which mean that each person had 9 other people screaming and yelling clues at them, which complicated things. When it was my turn, I chose the act it out category so that no one would be yelling and I would simply have to watch different people acting. It made it easier to concentrate, but harder to decipher what each person was acting out. Needless to say I didn’t win that round, but later Matt and I won the couples round with a score of 11. There were no stakes for either of these games but with my competitive nature it was nice to be the winner!

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