Scuba or Snorkel

Scuba diving and snorkeling was one thing we were very excited to do once we began traveling on our own boat. We have been on many tropical vacations and gone on various scuba and snorkel excursions and really enjoyed being in the water and being able to see all of the beautiful reefs and wondrous creatures that live beneath the surface.

Of all of our travels our favorite diving and snorkeling countries have been the British Virgin Islands and Aruba. Although s/v Roxy dog hasn’t yet been to either of these places we can’t wait to get back because of the beautiful clear blue water and the amazing diving and snorkeling. The Bahamas allowed for some snorkeling but we always had the fear of a shark in the back of our mind so we probably didn’t do as much as we could have. I'm sure there are sharks lurking around most of the Caribbean islands but until we see one in person we have the mentality of 'out of sight out of mind.'

Crystal Clear Waters of Paradise Island,  Punta Rucia Dominican Republic

Crystal Clear Waters of Paradise Island,

Punta Rucia Dominican Republic

Our only option of snorkeling or diving so far in the Dominican Republic has been Paradise Island, which was great, but we did it as a tourist excursion. We loved the crystal clear water, and there was a giant reef teeming with fish that we were able to see, but what we really love are the great spots that aren’t over crowded with people and allow for the best views of the beautiful fish nd reefs. Other than our short time at Paradise Island we have had minimal underwater adventures since we left the Bahamas, but we sure can’t wait to see what the Caribbean islands have waiting for us!

If we had to choose, we would prefer diving over snorkeling, and our favorite thing to explore underwater are wrecks. If you had to choose, which would you prefer diving or snorkeling? And for those of you who don’t dive, but enjoy snorkeling, where is the coolest/ most beautiful place you have been snorkeling?

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