Puerto Bahia Marina, Samana Dominican Republic

Living aboard a sailboat isn't always the most glorious life; there is always something breaking and therefore always something to fix. There is also the added worry of not having enough power, water, or money to sustain the lifestyle. But on the rare occasion that we analyze the weather correctly and get a smooth sail or get to stay at a marina, the live aboard life isn't so bad.

We had set our on our journey from Luperon along the thorny path just a few days ago and after a few bumpy nights sailing and spending a few rolly nights at anchor in Escondido we were ready to find a calmer place to wait for our next weather window.

Puerto Bahia Marina in Samana turned out to be the perfect place for us to stop and wait for that ever elusive weather window. We heard about this marina from some fellow cruisers, and I had called to check for availability earlier in the week. We had a reservation so we decided to give it a try once we had had enough of the swell in Escondido. At a rate of only $1.00 per foot plus tax, it is quite affordable and well worth it when you hear about all the amenities that are on site. Power and water are not included in the $1.00 per foot price, but power can be supplied for 45 cents per kilowatt hour and water is also an additional charge based on how much is used.

Puerto Bahia Marina Amenities

We stayed only a few days at Marina Puerto Bahia - Samana, but I made sure to take advantage of all the amenities provided starting with the showers! Matt always makes fun of me, stating that we have a perfectly good shower on the boat, but there really is  nothing better after an overnight sail then unlimited hot water. We had just filled our tanks with fresh drinking water before Luperon, so I didn’t want to waste any on a shower. The bathrooms at the marina were a bit of a walk from the slip that our boat was in, but it was so worth it to get a hot shower multiple days in a row!

Puerto Bahia Gym

What we didn’t know prior to entering this marina was that it was a part of a a greater hotel/ condo complex and therefore had many more luxuries for me to enjoy during our stay. I made good use of their gym each morning to complete my Body Boss workouts in order to try to stay on track. The gym itself was a bit small, but they had nice equipment and a great view of the marina and the harbor and considering I hadn’t been in a real gym in over a year there wasn’t much to complain about.

The lobby was beautiful, and was a great place to relax, chill out, and utilize the free high speed wifi. Being a hotel lobby there were nice comfy couches, some outlets for charging my electronics, and a bar! The view wasn’t too bad either, as it was open air looking out right onto the marina. This is where I did most of my internet work, and all in all is a great relaxing spot. 

I was finally able to get to the pool after working out and finishing up some boat projects. There were two pools on site; however I was only able to make it to one in our short stay. There was a beautiful infinity pool on the second floor of the lobby that overlooked the marina and I was able to get to this one for a quick dip to cool down and relax for a bit. Sailing overnight can really take everything out of you! 

I loved the gym, and the pool was an added bonus, but I think I enjoyed the restaurants the most! After two long overnight sails the last thing I wanted to do was cook. We also still had some pesos we needed to spend to get rid of so this was a great excuse to order some take out. There was an Italian restaurant within eyesight of where our boat was docked, and it took me less than 2 minutes to walk over and order take out. The price was a bit on the expensive side, especially compared to Luperon, but we didn’t really care as there was no other option and we had about $60 worth of pesos left to get rid of. The first night we ordered a calzone and some pesto risotto with steak. The pesto risotto was delicious, but the calzone was a bit odd, I think it may have been the ricotta cheese. It was definitely different compared to a calzone in the states. Then the second night we ordered a Chicken, tomato spinach pasta with garlic cream sauce, and a caprese salad. Both of these items were delicious! I loved not having to do much cooking these few days. 

Roxy also enjoyed being at the marina and having the ability to explore on land again. She could hop on and off the boat to the dock when we were out working and we would take a walk to the end of the jetty two times each day. She got to run around in abandoned fields and chase her ball down the jetty. Getting some more exercise was good for her! Sailing can be tough on her as she really has no idea what is going on and is yet to learn that it is ok to use the bathroom on the boat, so some land time after a few days sailing was probably just what she was hoping for. 

We will head out again soon to cross the Mona Passage over to Puerto Rico and appear to have a good weather window in sight. So for the last afternoon I am going to continue to enjoy all this place has to offer! Spoiled for one more night before heading back out to sea it ok with me!