Playa Grande


Just a short 10/15 minute walk from our floating home is the beautiful Playa Grande beach. It used to be home to a large resort hotel, but now it is just abandoned, so it is the perfect spot for some relaxation. 

Tuesday Roxy and I took a walk to Playa Grande with Kach from Two Monkeys Sailing - Mr&MrsHowe Blog. Not only did we want some exercise we just wanted to spend some time at this incredible beach. Roxy was pumped because she loves the beach! She did her typical beach roll, and then waded in the water a bit, but it was a bit rough for her to fully swim. I meandered the beach for a bit more sea glass, and then we just sat back and took in the scenery for a while before we headed back to the marina where Roxy and I would then dinghy across the harbor back to the boat. 

Roxy was super tired and not too thrilled that she had to get a wash down two days in a row. I wasn't thinking on Monday when I gave her a bath, because I knew I was going to the beach on Tuesday. She just got all sandy, but even after a rinse she was still feeling soft and smelling fresh. Those of you with boat dogs know how hard it is to keep your pet and boat clean when sand is involved!

Stacy RiboliniComment