Keeping your Dog Sun Safe

Keeping our pup safe in the hot Caribbean sun is an important job! Each morning, before she goes out to do her daily sunbathing we give her a quick rub of this My Dog Nose It snout screen, and a small treat so that it has time to set in on her nose before she licks it. That seems to be a thing of hers, whenever anything is near her nose she licks it. Not to worry though the snout screen is safe and non toxic to pets, they simply recommend the treat so to occupy the dog so it can set in to the nose. 

On really hot days where she is outside a lot we will sometimes reapply as needed so that her nose stays hydrated. It helps prevent against cracks and peeling skin, the same things we as humans worry about when we are in the sun. We also follow up each night with a few rubs of Burt's Bees soothing pet lotion to insure that her snout is properly hydrated. 

This morning she got her daily rub while she was outside, but she was willing to pose for a quick picture, before she got back to basking in the sun!

Before we left the states we bought a small .5 ounce container of this snout screen. We really liked the results and ended up using it within just 6 months. So the next time we invested in the 2 ounce container so that we wouldn’t have to re-order as often.

Our sweet girl, loves basking in the sun!

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