Paradise Island

My inner Mermaid

My inner Mermaid

Channeling my inner mermaid! 😀 A little preview of our trip to Paradise Island last week.

Matt and I had been once before, but we didn't time the tides right and the island was pretty much covered. This time I was invited by my friends Jon and Kach of Two Monkeys Sailing - Mr&MrsHowe Blog and Nick and Kelly of Sailing Satori and we made sure to check the tides so that we could maximize our time on the island and to make the trip more enjoyable.

We took a 10 minute fast boat ride to reach the island which appears to be sitting smack dab in the middle of the ocean. Surrounded by a massive coral reef on all sides, the white sand island (or actually more like a sandbar) is surrounded by bright blue and turquoise water and has five little tiki hits spread onshore. 


I am not always one who loves to have her picture taken, but when someone offers in such a beautiful location, I don't usually say no. Thanks Kach Howe for being my personal photographer on this wonderful trip to Paradise Island. More photos to come, check in tomorrow for some cool drone footage, and a glimpse of our time underwater snorkeling with the fish!