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Avocados aren’t one of my favorite foods, and I have to admit I only really ever eat them in guacamole, but with the new superfood diet I am trying, I may be branching out and trying them more often. I never even used to be a big fan of guacamole, until I tried it a few years back. All the credit has to go to one of my college friends, Alyssa Shelters, who ‘taught’ me how to make this, simply by letting me watch her one day in the kitchen. 

I posted on Instagram and Facebook a few weeks ago a batch of guac that I made with all fresh ingredients from the local vegetable truck and many of you were interested in the recipe. Well there isn’t a formal written recipe, so here’s a go at trying to best describe how to make this guacamole. P.S. I added the garlic as a recommendation from a fellow cruiser!

Things you Need:


All the ingredients

I prefer to chop everything first, and then throw it all in a bowl, but you can also follow the method below and have the same final product.

1-2 ripe avocados (depends on the amount you want to make)

2-3 small/ medium tomatoes, or 1 big tomato

1 small onion

1/2 -1 clove fresh garlic (garlic powder or garlic salt could probably be used as a substitute)

1 small lime


salt and pepper to taste


1. Start with one or two ripe avocados. Cut them open, take out the pit, or seed, or whatever that thing in the middle is called, and scoop out the avocado into a medium sized bowl. Then mash the avocado with a fork or a spoon to your desired consistency, if you like big chuncks of avocado the mashing may not take long, but if you’re like me you tend to like the chuncks to be small and unnoticeable. 

2. Take your 2-3 small/medium sized tomatoes (or one big one would do), and dice them up as well. Add them to the bowl with the mashed avocado.

3. Dice up your one small onion, again into the size piece you so desire, and add those to the bowl as well.

4. Now the next two ingredients don’t really have a set quantity it is more based on your tastebuds and how you prefer your guacamole to taste. I usually use 1/2 - 1 clove of garlic chopped very fine, and a few sprigs of cilantro also chopped fine. Put those two in first and give everything a good stir. 

5. Then add salt and pepper. Everyone has a different taste when it comes to salt and pepper so this really is an ‘add a bit until its right’ ingredient. I usually put a few pinches of salt, stir and give it a little taste, and repeat until it has the desired taste. 

6. Finally squeeze the juice from 1/2- 1 small lime, stir and enjoy your homemade guacamole! 

7. Enjoy it! It is great with tortilla chips, pita brea, or by the spoonful. Other than that I haven’t tired it with much else, so I’m open to suggestions!

Enjoy! Happy Superfood Eating!

The Final Product

The Final Product

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