Escondido To Samana

After fixing our windlass, we were now able to at least pull up our anchor when we were ready. We had first thought we would wait for weather in Escondido, but the anchorage was just too rolly for our liking. I had also called a marina in Samana earlier in the week to see if they had space for us and since they did we decided to move over to Marina Puerto Bahia - Samana for a few days to wait for the weather window to Puerto Rico.

We checked all systems and were ready to pull up anchor around midnight. We got underway and upon exiting the anchorage the wind began to blow and we initially got beat by wind and waves. Shortly after taking off our friends from s/v cabernet cruised up alongside us and passed us with full sails. At this point we too put up our main sail and our jib in order to smooth out the ride and get us some speed. We were able to round the first corner of the Samana peninsula in 2-3 hours and then we had a pretty rough sail for the next few hours. We were going too fast to get to the entrance of the Samana bay at first daylight so we slowed down by taking down the sails and rounded the bottom of the peninsula around 5:00 am. This way we would be entering the channel around 7:00 and would have good light to navigate the buoys and our way to the Marina. We were through the buoys by 8:00 am and then it was another hour of motoring before we entered the Marina. By 9:30am we were all tied up at the marina and ready for some rest. 

I went and checked in at the Puerto Bahia Marina, which appeared to be a part of a hotel/ condo complex. After giving boat information and visiting immigration we were all set and ready to use the amenities of the hotel. For just $1.00 per foot plus tax, we had a slip and access to all the amenities offered by the hotel. Water was extra which we opted not to use since we had filled up on fresh water before leaving Luperon. Electric was also an additional cost of 45 cents per kilowatt hour. We forwent power on the first day, but then plugged in the next day to get all charged up before our Mona crossing. 

Again, probably the nicest marina we have ever been to, not that we have been to many marinas, but this one had some many amenities for use to use; showers, a gym, two pools, and multiple restaurants on site. We also had a great view of Samana bay which was beautiful at sunset! It was definitely worth the stay and we would recommend this marina to anyone who is traveling along the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic. It is cheap, very nice and a nice stopping point before or after crossing the Mona Passage. 

Stacy RiboliniComment