El Salto Del Limon

Horse Riding & El Salto Del Limon

A great vacation we had with our sailing friends Jenny and Steve from Archipelago Sail, Nick and Kelly from Sailing Satori and Jon and Kach from 2 Monkeys Sailing. We arrived at Casa Blanca Las Terrenas on Wednesday for our five night stay, and spent the first few days relaxing. The villa ended up being a short 10 minute ride from the popular El Limon waterfalls so on Saturday we ventured out to see them.

Melvin, the son of the caretaker of Casa Blanca, arranged a tour for us (9 people) at a cost of 550 pesos per person, 500 for the horse ride and 50 for the entrance fee. $11 dollars for a 4 hour tour. The horses trekked for an hour through rivers and rocky terrain to deliver us to the top of the mountain where there was a lookout point for the falls.

From the lookout it was another 5 minute walk to get to the base of the waterfall with a stop part way to enjoy one of the smaller falls. Once we arrived at the base of the falls we were joined by many other tourists, but it didn't take from the beauty of the place! The water cascaded down the 150 feet landing in a large pool at the bottom and creating a mist of fresh water that surrounded the whole base of the fall. Matt was brave enough to jump into pool for a dip, but it was too cold for me. He did say though that there were rock formations at the bottom that were almost like a cave; you could sneak in under them and then have sheets of water falling in front of you. I tried my best to will myself into the pool too, but it was just too cold. The sun wasn’t over the water, which made the water quite chilly; I was happy to enjoy the cooling mist while standing in the sun.  

After many pictures and time swimming, we made the walk back to the top to the lookout spot, enjoyed a beer and then got back on the horses for the journey back down the mountain. 

Only my second time ever riding horses I was happy to have a guide alongside me at all times. He guided my horse, and helped me control the speed as trotting down hill was quite nerve-wracking for me. We ended up breaking Matt’s cardinal horse riding rule of jeans and sneakers and opted for the cooler leggings/shorts and sandals. Needless to say I won’t make that mistake again; stabilizing yourself on a horse in flip flops was quite challenging. I did manage to make it up and down the mountain with only a few bumps and bruises and without losing my shoes so I guess in the end it turned out fine. 

Much fun was had by exploring this natural wonder of the Dominican Republic.