Pizza in the Dominican Republic

We don’t consider ourselves foodies, but we really do love to find restaurants that are off the beaten path. We found one here in the Dominican Republic that is amazing! Tucked into the hillside in La Isabella, a small beach town in the North Dominican coast, is a hotel and restaurant out of an old man’s home.

We made the short 20 minute drive to La Isabella from Luperon, and found La Casa Del Pie Negro, also referred to as the ‘really good pizza place’ by Matt. It is a very cool little private place, you turn off of a dirt road onto a nice paved hill that leads up to the pizzeria (the old man’s house) that is nicely tucked into the hillside and provides fantastic views. We called ahead to see if he was open and also let him know we were coming so he could warm up his pizza oven (recommended on Sundays here in Luperon). We arrived and just as Matt predicted we were the only ones there! We had a nice little table with a perfect view and enjoyed great food and good drinks.

Jumbo shrimp char grilled to perfection

We ended up ordering a pepperoni pizza, and shrimp. Our Spanish isn’t great so we weren’t sure what to expect with the shrimp, but it was amazing! The jumbo shrimp were cooked in garlic, butter and herbs and then the gentleman floated something (we still aren’t sure exactly what it was, moonshine maybe?) on top, struck a match and gave the shrimp a nice charred taste. The pizza was hand pressed, and all of the ingredients were homemade! By far the best pizza we have had in the Dominican Republic.

So to recap we had a private table with an amazing view, a large homemade pepperoni pizza, jumbo shrimp, Matt had a couple of beers and I had a bottle of Lambrusco……. Now in the states that is probably a $80-100 meal at a fancy restaurant; here though it cost us just under $40 USD! Happy Birthday to Me!

Amazing Views from La Isabella, Dominican Republic