Dogs and Drones


Have you ever seen a dog try to chase a drone? 

When we lived in Massachusetts we were lucky enough to have a backyard for Roxy to run around in. Her favorite activity was squirrel watching and subsequently squirrel chasing. Unfortunately she doesn’t get to do much of that on the boat, but while we have been living at the marina she has had the chance to chase some other things. 

There are frequently cows that roam on the land outside the marina and Roxy along with the other marina dogs like to chase them out of the yard as if to say “hey, this is our yard, go find your own.”

Then a few weeks ago, Isaac, the manager at Luperon Marina, was flying his drone and Roxy wasn't so sure about it, so naturally she tried to get it! She chased it around the dock and the marina as he flew it. She even tried to jump up to get it.......just like she used to do with the squirrels in our backyard! 🤣

She is such a silly dog, and she provides us with some good laughs!

Stacy RiboliniComment