Casa Blanca Las Terrenas- A Vacation from our Sailing Life

Casa Blanca Las Terrenas

Casa Blanca Las Terrenas

Sailing Vacation

were invited on a vacation from our boat life by Kach from 2 monkeys sailing along with two other sailing couples to a beautiful villa in Samana. With our departure from Luperon approaching, we decided that it would be nice to get away before we set off on our sailing adventure once again. 

Casa Blanca Las Terrenas

Samana is a four and a half hour drive from Luperon so Matt and I rented a car and followed in a convoy of other sailors. First stop was Jumbo in Puerto Plata for groceries and then on to Samana. The villa was pet friendly so Roxy got to come along for the vacation as well. The long, rather stressful, car ride was all worth it as Casa Blanca Las Terrenas is a beautiful 6- bedroom Villa located on a beautiful private beach in Las Terrenas. 

We spent 5 nights at Casa Blanca and enjoyed all of the modern luxuries associated with land life. We had our own air conditioned room with a comfortable king size bed with enough space for Me, Matt and Roxy. We also had access to our own bathroom which was quite spacious. It had a nice stand up glass shower with unlimited hot, running water, and a single flush toilet! We had a room on the first floor so, the view from our room was stunning. Step foot just outside the door and you had an amazing view of the infinity pool and in the distance you could see the ocean. Not a bad way to wake up each morning.


Roxy enjoyed being able to roam the property, which was mostly fenced in, and she loved the large deck where she could sunbathe all day long. She even took a few dips in the pool. Her favorite feature though was the close proximity to the beach. The Villa had direct access to a private beach where she could run, swim and roll in sand as long as her heart desired. 

When you live on a boat for as long as we have, modern luxuries involving the kitchen become that much more exciting. Casa Blanca Las Terrenas had the most amazing kitchen space! Equipped with a five burner stove stop, double sinks, dishwasher, and a large island, food preparation seemed simple compared to what we are used to on the boat. For meal preparation we divided up the cooking responsibilities and each night a pair of couples would cook the meal. We also had one night where the house caretaker Dora, prepared us a Dominican seafood feast of lobster, fresh fish and coconut rice. It felt amazing to have everything prepared for us, and then have no responsibility for cleaning up either, other than placing things in the dishwasher (a land dwelling amenity I miss so dearly). 

Cooking for 10 people isn’t always easy and it seemed like we had enough food each night to feed a small army of people. We could eat, and eat and eat some more and there was still plenty of food left over for the next day’s lunch. With all this eating though came the guilt of abandoning my diet, and being in such a nice luxury vacation spot, working out was a struggle. However, every morning a group of us got up and did a 30-40 minute HIIT workout to help burn off some of the excess food we had consumed the day before. A great way to start each day and a great excuse to indulge in the the amazing food prepared for us each day. 

We spent most of our time relaxing, as it should be on vacation; sleeping in, lounging by the pool, walking the beach, reading, napping, eating way too much, etc. The villa was located in a small town called Las Terrenas which was really close to the popular El Limon Waterfalls, so we ventured out on Saturday to do some horseback riding and see the falls. More detail on the horseback riding and wonderful day trip to the falls coming tomorrow so stay tuned! Other than this outing, we spent most of our days at the house, unwinding before heading back to our crazy sailing lives. 

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