Brugal Rum Factory

Any of you ever have Brugal rum? I am not a big rum drinker so I can’t remember if this product is sold in the states or not?

Well Brugal is a Dominican brand of rum. On one of our first few days here in the Dominican Republic, we took a motorcycle ride to Puerto Plata, we had lunch on the water, went to the big supermarket, AND then decided to do something ‘touristy.’ Matt is a big fan of rum, so we decided to check out the Brugal Rum Factory and had the Brugal Rum Experience. All it took was mention of free samples and Matt was in!


It turned out to be a really fun, and inexpensive activity, only $5 dollars per person. We had our own personal tour guide who brought us around the factory and gave us the history of the Brutal Brand, and then treated us to two samples! The most fascinating part was viewing the assembly line of products, there were hundreds of people putting out what seemed to be hundreds of thousands of bottles of rum!


Now Brugal is our go to rum as it tends to be the cheapest because it isn't imported. Matt enjoys the Brutal Anejo, and can pretty much drink with with anything; coke-a-cola, or juice, whatever we have here on the boat. Straight rum is not for me, but I do enjoy it with some tasty juice, and fresh fruits!

If you can find Brugal in the states we highly recommend it!