Boat Work

Boat work, boat work and more boat work....there is always something to be done on the boat. As we prepare to get moving again the list of boat jobs seems to grow longer and longer by the day. Things needing to be checked and cleaned in order to get underway again. In the past few days I have been trying to tackle some of the smaller boat jobs that I can do by myself, and save the bigger jobs for the two of us to do together.

I started with the batteries. Even though we are plugged into shore power here at the marina, we still have to take care of our batteries. This isn't a hard job, but you have to squeeze into a small space and with it being so hot during the day it makes the job that much more daunting. Either way I squeezed myself in and topped off all eight batteries.

JOB 1:✔️

Then I moved onto the A/C filter. The air conditioners have been less than spectacular lately, we still aren't sure if it is the power situation here in the Dominican Republic or if it is possibly growth in our cooling lines. Either way I have to clean the a/c filter almost daily. The water here in the harbor isn't very clean so a lot of silt and growth come into the a/c pump. The salt water is used to cool the units, but with the salt water comes microorganisms that seem to then grow in our pipes. We have attacked this problem once before at the sea cock and pump site, but our bigger fear is that there is extensive growth in places we might not be able to reach. So, I continue to clean and change the filter in the hope that one of these days we can fully investigate and clean the lines if need be and have full functioning air conditioning again!

Although now that I think about it, we plan to be on the move for the next 7-8 months which means anchoring and no shore power so AC will not be an option. Still good to have everything maintained for that one time you do want to use it.

JOB 2: ✔️

Then I moved on to some household, (or ‘boathoad’ as I like to call it) chores and worked on cleaning the oven. Sadly I have to admit it is the FIRST time that I have put in time on the oven since we got the boat over a year ago. There was no 'oven cleaning' setting, so it took a lot of degreaser and some elbow grease. I did the best I could and I think I got it pretty clean compared to what it used to look like. It certainly isn’t like new, but it will do for the time being and hopefully I don’t wait another year to clean it!

JOB 3:✔️

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