An Afternoon at Playa Chiquita

Now that we have our A/C fixed and working properly it stays nice and cool on the boat during the hot daytime hours! It makes it so easy to spend the day holed up on the boat reading, watching movies or occasionally cleaning. It’s hard to talk myself into doing things outside though because the heat and humidity are stifling! I decided that a few days of relaxing and lounging were ok, but by mid week I needed to get out, off the boat and do something. So we decided to take the dog to the beach. 

Matt, Roxy and I took the dinghy over to Playa Chiquita Wednesday afternoon and had the beach to ourselves. With it being so hot out I just wanted to walk the beach a bit and wade in to cool off; I am not a huge fan of swimming in salt water, but it sure felt good on such a hot day! Playa Chiquita isn’t a huge beach, but Roxy and I walked it’s length  few times, her chasing her ball and me just enjoying the cool breeze and splash of the waves. I also stumbled upon a nice piece of ‘real’ sea glass. It had the soft smooth edges and had the frosty glass look, typical of sea glass that had been tumbling around for a while. I snatched it up and saved it to add to my growing collection.

Roxy absolutely loves the beach so I knew she would have fun! She loves to run and swim and could probably be content at the beach for hours on end. I brought her back some cool floating beach toys so she had a great time fetching the toys in the water to cool off and then rolling around in the sand, like she always does. It is always tricky to get her back into the dinghy without too much sand on her. Needless to say she got a thorough rinse down when we got back to the boat. 

And Matt, well I wouldn’t say he is a huge fan of the beach simply for the fact that he doesn’t enjoy being out in the direct sun. So I was happy to see that there were some trees that could provide him with some shade. He had no trouble finding a nice shady spot to park himself and he enjoyed his ice cold drink while Roxy and I enjoyed the water. 

We were only there for maybe a few hours, but simply getting off the boat and doing something without sweating too much was refreshing! These little beach trips are definitely one of the best parts of cruising! 

Stacy RiboliniComment