Stacy's Return to the DR

I returned safely to the DR on Monday after a smooth day of travel from Burlington Vermont. I was greeted at the airport by Nino, a local who does taxi service throughout Luperon. We made the hour + drive back to Luperon and the Luperon Marina where Matt and Roxy were waiting for me! They were a little surprised to see me so early as my flight was 30 minutes early, and I had no problems cruising through customs and immigration, but Matt made sure the boat was in tip top shape when I returned. There were NO dishes in the sink, no dirty clothes lying around, the bed was made and the saloon was neat and tidy with things put away. It was so nice to return to a nice clean, organized boat……… And then I unloaded all of the stuff that I brought back and the boat was no longer neat and tidy haha! Slowly but surely I am finding a spot for all of my things and cleaning up so that s/v Roxy Dog can go back to being a ‘clean’ boat. 

When I left the states the leaves were beginning to turn colors and the temperatures were beginning to drop and considering I only had summer clothes it was only fitting that I left when I did. I couldn’t wait to get back to the DR to the warm summer climate. Unbeknownst to me the DR summer is VERY different than the New England summer. When I left in June, the days were hot, but the nights weren’t too bad…….fast forward three months and the days are stifling hot with high humidity, and even with a fan sitting 3 inches from you you still sweat nonstop. And the bugs at night! Yikes! Once the sun goes down around 6:45 they come out in full force. I got eaten alive the first few nights, and have since learned that I need to be indoors after dinner or have a full layer of bug spray coating my body!

So other than the stifling heat and the serious bug issue, I was/ am very happy to be back here with Matt and Roxy. I was able to catch this beautiful sunset over the harbor on my first night back. What a beautiful welcome back gift!

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