Beach Bum

Look at this crazy beach dog! She always has so much fun at the beach! She loves running, swimming and chasing balls (and sticks). Even more than all of these things I am convinced she loves the sand the most. She is usually good for at least one sand roll each visit and sometimes more. Now because we live on a boat and water can sometimes be limited, I always try to get her to go swimming before we are headed out so that she gets most of the sand off of her; however It seems like whenever I get her swimming and sand free she always manages to get a good role in the sand before we head back to the boat. 

BUT we still love her............She is the reason we have partnered with Dog is Good, so that we can spread our/the dog love! If you haven't checked out their stuff yet head on over to their site using our link below. Not only will you score yourself some pretty awesome dog lover swag (Matt and I just got something else we can’t wait to show you all), but you'll also be helping charities that support animals! Why not support charities, look great and spread the dog love all at the same time?!?!? Happy Dog Loving!

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