Our Summer

Happy Labor Day Everyone!

Where has the summer gone?

It seems like just yesterday we were arriving in the Dominican Republic. With plans to only stay for a few days to reprovision, we have been here a lot longer than we first anticipated. We honestly had no idea what this beautiful country had to offer and once we began exploring we knew for sure that 4 days would not do it justice, so we decided to make it our home for hurricane season.  We began the summer on a mooring ball in the harbor (for only $2 per day) and then once it got too hot for Roxy (and us), we moved over to the Luperon Marina where we could plug in and run air conditioning so that we could all survive the heat. 

We have been incredibly lucky that the hurricane season has been pretty quite (everyone knock on wood somewhere), and we have been enjoying the Dominican weather and culture.

This summer I also made a trip home to the states to visit with friends and family. It had been quite a while since either one of us had been back to the states, and there was a lot going on in my family this summer including retirements and new babies, so Matt agreed to let me go home for 8-10 weeks to visit. My time at home was great, I got to visit with MANY family members and got to participate in many family events. As the summer draws to an end I will prepare for my return back to the DR, by making the final order for spare parts, and then pack up my life again and get back aboard Roxy Dog. 

We will hang out in the Dominican Republic for a few more months to be certain the height of the hurricane season has passed and then we will decide where the next few months will take us. We may decide to hang out for a bit longer in the Dominican, Matt may have the beginnings of a day charter business starting, or we may unite and set sail towards Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. We will see where the wind takes us!

Until then we will continue to enjoy the ice cream, among other things, here in the DR! We hope everyone enjoyed their summer as much as we did!

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