Dog Is Good

Hey Everyone! Here aboard Roxy Dog we LOVE our girl Roxy! We love to snuggle, go on walks and just simply be together! I mean you know the old adage ‘crazy cat lady’, well Matt sometimes refers to me as the crazy dog lady. Maybe it is the distinctive baby voice I use to talk to Roxy (or any dog for that matter) or the gazillion pictures and selfies I take of Roxy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I just love her so much.

We are all probably familiar with the company “Life is Good,” and in our case life is pretty good, but it is even better with our dog! We recently discovered this amazing company Dog is Good that produces unique products for dog lovers, which is totally us (or at least me)!  They have so much cool stuff that helps you show your love for your dogs or dogs in general. We loved their stuff so much that we decided we would work with them to spread the dog love! 

Like I said before, they have so many cool products for you to check out, and I have a few that we already have that you can check out here! First, and probably my favorite so far, is this cool hat they sent me! I was super pumped about this hat because I am always wearing a hat on the boat. It is an easy way to keep me cool, protect from sunburn and keep my hair in control! Then we got this very cool water bottle to use when we take Roxy on excursions off the boat. This bottle has a special roller ball at the opening so that Roxy can lick and get as much or little as she wants, no more packing bowl and water bottle and having to dump out any that she doesn’t drink. 

Now I love all kinds of knick nicks that help make our boat feel like a home and the coaster is such a cool item too! I love, love, love that it is a ‘never boat alone’ coaster because Roxy is our boat dog! She loves the boat and we always knew that she would come with us on this adventure. So I don’t force myself using this as a coaster and getting water marks all over it, but rather a decorative piece, because we feel connected to the slogan. We are never alone because we have our girl Roxy. 

You can shop their store through our link and not only will you get cool stuff, but we will also get a commission off of your sales, and your family’s sales, and your friends sales! So feel free to share our link! We love spreading the dog love! Also enjoy 15% off of your purchase by entering the code DIGPACK at check out!

Happy Dog Loving!

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