Sun Safety for the Pup

Sun safety with Roxy Dog! 

Before we left on our adventure, we knew that we were going to need a lot of sunscreen for ourselves, but also something to protect Roxy's nose from getting sunburned and crusty. We did our research and tried out a few products while we were day sailing last summer. We came across two that we (and we think she) absolutely love!

We use My Dog Nose It, dog nose sunscreen for sun protection on her nose. We apply it two or three times a day depending on how much time she spends out in the sun. Since we have been cruising we have been flying through this stuff. We started with the 0.5oz jar, but had to upgrade to the 2oz jar after spending over three months in the Bahamas. Roxy is a fan of this one because she always gets a treat after application to give the rub a chance to set in before she gives it a lick. 

We then follow up each night with a few rubs of Burt's Bees soothing nose and paw lotion. This one is great too because it moisturizes after long days in the sun, and keeps her snout from getting rough and crusty patches on the side. It also helps prevent peeling on the off chance she does get a burn. 

I am not positive she likes having the creams on her nose, but she definitely loves the snout rubs everyday and the treats that accompany them. I am pretty sure that she also appreciates the fact that her snout stays fresh and smooth.

We highly recommend this 'snout screen' and lotion for those of you with dogs that love the sun!