Throwback Thursday

#ThrowbackThursday About three years ago in July of 2015, Matt and I made our first trip to Mexico. His plan was to meet this instructor who was going to teach him how to paramotor. 

He had purchased a paramotor online about a year earlier with no idea how to use it let alone fly it, but he was determined to find someone who could teach him how. That is when we found Tom Martin of Sky Voltage Sports in a little town called Pescadero Mexico at a place called Cerritos Surf Colony. When we had found him we were just finishing up our Open Water Padi diving course in Florida, so when that was finished we hoped on a plane and headed to Mexico. 

Matt spent the next 6 days learning to kite a glider on the beach, and then the next 4 days learning to fly a paramotor. Now what was I doing during these 11 days? Well, I am not sure how many of you have been to Mexico in July, but it pushes 100 degrees almost everyday, so naturally I spent that time at the pool! Relaxation for me, hard work for Matt, but he wouldn’t trade that for anything, as paramotoring is one of his favorite hobbies!

When we returned home to MA that summer, he quickly found that paramotoring in the states wasn’t the same as Mexico, but he still found plenty of places to launch and fly. Nothing beats the flying in Mexico though so as we continue our sailing adventure he can’t wait to get back to Mexico so he can fly again!

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