Ocean World: Swim with the Dolphins

The sea lions were a lot of fun, and all of the creatures we had had the chance to explore so far had made the experience worth while. Little did I know the best was yet to come. At 2:45 we were scheduled for our 30 minutes with the dolphins. We were very fortunate that we were the only people in our group so the two of us had the dolphins all to ourselves. There were two bottlenose dolphins both a little over ten years old, one from Honduras and one from Cuba. Like the sea lions, they were incredibly well trained! They started by doing a few tricks for us while we sat on the dock and observed and then it was our turn to jump in and interact. We first got to do a little taxi ride where they would swim up from behind and we would grab each dorsal fin and they would swim us back to the dock, then we got to fly like superman! We floated with strait legs and flat feet and the dolphins came up with their nose on each foot and lifted and pushed us across the water for a 10 second ride! The power of these animals is unbelievable! It really felt like I was floating across the water, at least until they finished the ride and I plopped back into the water. 

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Next up was some closer interaction, they swam about and we could pet them and rub their smooth, soft bellies, they gave us kisses and we even got to dance with them; they would use their tail to lift themselves out of the water and then turn about splashing in the water. When we were nearing the end of our time, Matt told the trainers that it was my birthday and they had the dolphins put on a special show just for me! They danced for me, let me hold their flippers, kissed me and then they even ‘sang’ happy birthday to me. The birthday song was probably the highlight of the experience because these dolphins danced out of the water and made their chirping and squealing noises while their trainers sang the real happy birthday song. We finished our time with one more superman ride and then some high fives and splashing. It truly was an amazing experience and definitely one of the coolest things I have ever done! 

At the beginning of the day we felt guilty about how much money we were spending for this experience, because living on a boat means living on a tight budget, but we were delighted with our experience and felt that the price for such an experience was more than worth it! 

Now I am sure many of you have been to a theme park of some kind before and know that most times you aren’t allowed to bring your camera into certain parts of the park. Ocean World was no different, its just another way they get you to spend your money. Since we thoroughly enjoyed our experience and it would be a birthday I would never forget we decided to splurge and get the medial package. We had to pay extra, but we got a CD with all of our sea lion pictures, our dolphin pictures and they even made us a video of our dolphin experience. I have since edited the dolphin video; since they just did a quick job throwing together all of the different clips they had of our visit. We hope you enjoy watching!

Stacy RiboliniComment