Full Moon's and New Cameras

I have never been the person who takes a lot of photos. I had a digital camera in college, when they were first coming out and when a basic canon, or nikon was ‘the camera’ to have. Nowadays though cameras and photography are much more complicated! When we first set out on this journey I thought I would be saying goodbye to social media, and that my iPhone and our go pros would be ‘enough’ to get good pictures to document our time on board Roxy Dog. 

Boy was I wrong! It wasn’t until I met travel bloggers Jonathan and Kach Howe of Two Monkeys Travel (www.twomonkeystravelgroup.com) that I realized there was much more to photography and social media than I ever could have imagined. After seeing thier images and marveling over their quality I asked “well… how can I do that?” Although my iPhone would get me somewhere with the help of a photo editing app called snapped, what I really needed in order to get ‘excellent quality’ was a high quality camera. Which meant an investment, and we weren’t really sure if we were financially able to make this ‘investment’ at the time, $500 + for a camera isn’t exactly in our tight ‘sailing’ budget.

I was lucky enough to have a birthday coming up so while I was in the States visiting family, I asked my mom if a camera was something she would be willing to get me for my birthday and Christmas. After showering the internet, I found the one I wanted and it was decided, Matt and I would be getting a camera for our birthday and Christmas; thanks mom and dad!

So here we are and now we are the proud owners of the Canon G7x Mark ii digital camera. I can’t say that I fully know how to use it and all of its functions, but for now the auto setting has been working great! The picture quality is AMAZING, and I find that I don’t have to spend as much time editing each photo because the quality is there to begin with. 

This story is a testament to how great this camera really is:

September 2018 Full Moon, Luperon DR

September 2018 Full Moon, Luperon DR

Over the past two months I have had the privilege of seeing the full moon rather close and personal. September’s full moon we saw rise while enjoying pizza at Las Velas restaurant in Luperon Dominican Republic. I used my iphone to get this image, and all I kept saying to myself was “wow this photo just doesn’t do it justice, you can’t even see the pretty orange color of the moon.” 

Don’t get me wrong it is still beautiful and the reflection is super cool, almost like it is leading a path right to the horizon. So when there is nothing to compare it to it is satisfactory, you feel good about the image. THEN…..this past week I was able to capture October’s full moon, coincidently at Las Velas restaurant while enjoying pizza (haha), but I remembered to bring my ‘nice’ camera the Canon G7x to see if I could do a better job of capturing the colors not only of the moon, but of the sky, and the beautiful reflection on the water. If you put these image near each other, you can clearly see the difference in what the Canon camera was able to capture vs. what the iPhone was able to capture. Incredible the difference, right?!

So, yes the iPhone will work, and I still use it quite often; like when we are just out and about or near water (I would rather loose my phone than this camera to water), or when I just don’t feel like bringing the ‘nice’ camera, but for those really amazing moments a ‘nice’ camera is well worth the investment as it truly captures everything you would want in a photo. Now next on our list of ‘investment’ gadgets is a drone! Maybe next Birthday and Christmas!